Tessitura F.lli Grassi s.n.c.

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The Factory

Tessitura F.lli Grassi S.N.C. owns 61 jacquard looms, 1 dobby type loom, of width included between 290 cm and 360 cm (comb's width). The hooking of the Jacquards goes from 2400 to 24048 hooks and the warp density goes from 16 to 80 yarn/cm.

Thanks to this variety of machines, the factory is able to produce a wide range of textiles, according to the necessities of the costumers.

It has two large storehouse to keep yarns, warps, raw textile which, once produced, are carefully controlled by Quality Control Division, to be sure of their quality.

Tessitura Grassi

Jacquard Textile Factory on a Third Party's Behalf