Tessitura Fratelli Grassi is a family run company located in Vertova, in the province of Bergamo.

Our history

Tessitura Fratelli Grassi

Tessitura F.lli Grassi s.n.c was founded in 1958 by Agostino Grassi and, in 2010, from this long-standing expertise the sales sector of our textile company was born. It is dedicated to hotels, restaurants , laundries, spa centres and private citizens. Thanks to the inner production, the product is carefully followed from its conception to its tailoring. This is the reason why our brand is a synonym of quality, elegance and practicality.

The machinery

Jacquard Loom Tessitura Fratelli Grassi

Our textile company has 61 looms, 59 of which are jacquard looms and 2 of which are dobby looms, which allow the working of any kind of fibre.

Tessitura Grassi also owns a winder and an inspection department, where a careful quality control on the quality of our fabrics is carried out.

A new internal cutting and tailoring department allows the production of customized sizes in a short time.

Three modern and always updated professional CAD systems, used by specialized personnel, allow the design and the production of highly customized fabrics.

Ecology and Quality

Photovoltaic systemTessitura Grassi

Our planet safety is our company's priority.

We are particularly careful in keeping our production processes as green as possible in order to reduce the environmental impact..

In order to do that, in 2018 Tessitura F.lli Grassi has installed a photovoltaic system to meet the energetic need of our production system.

We opt for recyclable or recycled packaging for our products , reducing the environmental impact of our items in our customers' homes, too