Looms room:

Our looms allow to weave several fabric structures and meet a wide range of technical needs for different textile sectors such as upholstery fabrics, clothing, table linens, drapery, bed linens , technical fabrics and much more.

Jacquard Looms
Dobby Looms
from 150cm
to 375cm
Looms Height
from 2400
to 24000
From 9 to 80 yarns/cm
Comb Reduction
Research and Development

Research and Development

Our Research & Development department, internal to the company, has three updated CAD systems for the creation of textile designs which enable the drafting and the creation of fabrics in different patterns and colours.

To study exclusive colors
Fabrics according to customer specifications

Besides designing our internal collections, which offer exclusive proposals, our textile company can design customized fabrics to meet our customer's specific needs.


2200 mq
Yarns Stocking
Beams and Rolls of Unrefined Fabrics
1100 mq
Stocking of Dyed and Finished Fabrics
Stocking of fabrics with uality standards to comply with different sector qualifications

uality Control
Inspection Department

A strict quality control, which is finished in the inspection department, is carried out during every working phase.


Tessitura Grassi performs the last supervision of the products with four inspections machines and carefully delivers the fabrics on rolls or layers according to the customers’ needs.