Bed linens fabrics

Comfort, elegance and softness : a good bed set is necessary to sleep well and long. We produce fabrics such as cotton satin , linen blend, micro modal , viscose and silk , to make our customers’ sleep a moment of pure pleasure.

The 24000 hooks loom is the strength of Tessitura Grassi. Thanks to this loom it is possible to realise placed pattern fabrics , to cover your bed with a unique design.

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Tessitura Grassi Balnket.jpg

Blankets and bed covers

Tessitura Grassi has been working for years with some blanket manufacturing companies in the province of Bergamo which have a century-old history.

The fabrics are made of cotton, wool, acrylic, wool blend, often selected to pass the flame retardant tests and be fireproof certified in the fields where this certification is necessary.

The main items made by our customers are bedsheets, bedspreads, blankets, duvet covers and pillowcases.

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sheet fabric simulationjpg

sheet fabric simulation.jpg

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